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the fringe files

A lot of episodes of Fox’s new show Fringe are pretty similar – literal translations, even, sometimes – of episodes of The X-Files.  Separated by over a decade, the changes and similarities can be striking.  I like ’em both, so I’m going through Fringe as it airs looking for how things have changed since the original episodes came out.  It’s probably going to take me a while, though.

Find these posts in published order under tag: the fringe files.

1×01, “Pilot”: mytharc episode
1×02, “The Same Old Story”: “Squeeze”
1×03, “The Ghost Network”: “Conduit”
1×04, “The Arrival”: mytharc episode
1×05, “Power Hungry”: “D.P.O.”
1×06, “The Cure”:
1×07, “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones”:
1×08, “The Equation”:
1×09, “The Dreamscape”:
1×10, “Safe”:
1×11, “Bound”:
1×12, “The No-Brainer”: “First Person Shooter”
1×13, “The Transformation”:
1×14, “Ability”:
1×15, “Inner Child”: “Jersey Devil,” Gibson Praise episodes
1×16: “Unleashed”:
1×17, “Bad Dreams”:
1×18, “Midnight”:
1×19, “The Road Not Taken”: “Fire,” mytharc episode
1×20, “There’s More Than One of Everything”: mytharc episode

2×01, “A New Day in the Old Town”: mytharc episode
2×02, “Night of Desirable Objects”: “Home,” “Lord of the Flies”
2×03, “Fracture”:
2×04, “Momentum Deferred”: mytharc episode
2×05, “Dream Logic”: “Folie a Deux,” “Blood”
2×06, “Earthling”: “Space,” “The Walk”
2×07, “Of Human Action”: “Eve,” “Pusher,” “Kitsunegari”
2×08, “August”:
2×09, “Snakehead”: “Hell Money”
2×10, “Grey Matters”: mytharc episode
2×11*, “Unearthed”: “Born Again”
2×11, “Johari Window”: “The Post-Modern Prometheus,” “Humbug”
2×12, “What Lies Below”: (tba)
2×13, “The Bishop Revival”: (tba)

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what happened to the fringe files?..

btw, that Mystery of the Flying Discs cover doesn’t look like Moscow to me..

Comment by hanna

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