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in space no one can hear your stereo
2012, July 16, 3:05 pm
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“The Age of Space is here–and now, RCA Victor brings you sound in space! Stereophonic sound!”

normally i am not wild about TED

but still, I gotta post this:

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do i ever need to update this
2011, November 14, 8:58 am
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anyways here’s a link for now: more TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUTH magazine covers!

static test fire (saturn v s-ic: january 1, 1967)
2011, September 5, 1:03 pm
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Static test fire, John C. Stennis SC, January 1, 1967

more sovietanea!

Техник молодежи from 1962.

A cover for Technical Youth magazine!  If I had to guess, it’s the same artist who did the cover for the English-language edition of Efremov’s post-Stalin ur-SF Andromeda:

Andromeda, as published in George Hanna's translation for Foreign Language Publishing House, 1959. Pretty dull caption, huh?


Flying saucer fever, it would seem, hit the USSR too:

Mystery of the Flying Discs (1960), which are (apparently) showing up hovering over Moscow. Note the similarity to the classic "I Want to Believe"/Passaic streetlamp UFO!

Unfortunately, while I own this, I can’t actually read Russian well enough to tell you what’s going on in it.

they’re gonna put me in the movies
2011, January 26, 8:03 pm
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And Jessi said country music doesn’t have anything to do with outer space!

(to 4:02 or so)

fallen astronaut
2010, November 22, 5:44 pm
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Fallen Astronaut on Haley Rille, the Moon.

I was absolutely unaware of this until just now. (wp) [via]

the british (nuclear) invasion
2010, May 7, 7:50 am
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Unlike Peter Scott Peters (about whom basically nothing seems to be known) Mike & Bernie Winters were actually well-known in the early-60s UK for their novelty songs — it almost seems odd for the knowns to be covering the unknown, but.

well the view is delightful/but your air is recycled

The Dexateens – “Neil Armstrong” (from Hardwire Healing, Skybucket, 2007)

This song raises some important questions – like what kind of car does Neil Armstrong drive?  It’s probably not a Volvo, if you can go by this inexplicable ad from c. 1975.