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somebody’s going to emergency
2010, June 17, 12:39 am
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You know, I realize I’m stunningly late to the party, but: wouldn’t the map make more sense if you, y’know, erased those parts of Asia that belonged to Russia and China?  Like, ah, the northern parts?  I realize this is Obviously Part Of The Joke Randall (Thinks He) Is Making but I mean come on people let’s be reasonable about cartography here I mean

Ok I’m glad I’m turning this into a video blog where I post youtubes

wikipedia lacks a distinct article for the holler, which is to say hollow
2010, June 6, 1:35 am
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but it does have this:

ZootFly’s first development was Hollow. The game was never published. In Hollow, players would assume the role of an expelled US journalist named Tyler Kilmore, who, upon returning to the disco-totalitarian state of Centrope reunites with his fiancée and finds himself being arrested for her murder. The game would feature four distinct environments, ranging from a disco-totalitarian metropolis to a decaying underworld. Intriguingly, each mission in the game would end with a movie-style action sequence showing the player’s best moments.

Holy moly!