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Terrible Armadillo, The. I.
2013, June 26, 2:26 pm
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INFO: Cowley, Joy. Terrible Armadillo, The. I. 1985

DESC: An armadillo invades a house and causes all kinds of problems for a family. The armadillo is rude and does all kinds of things it’s not supposed to.

TAGS: armadillo, shenanigans, pets, I, Richard Avenue

Luke’s Go-Cart. L.
2013, June 26, 2:24 pm
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INFO: Giles, Jenny. Luke’s Go-Cart. L. 1999.

DESC: Luke’s dad builds him his very own go-cart. When Luke wants to show it off at the school carnival, he can’t get the go-cart to start.

TAGS: go-cart, perseverance, L, Richard Avenue

George and the Whopper. L.
2013, June 26, 2:22 pm
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INFO: McTrustry, Chris. George and the Whopper. L. 2000

DESC: George refuses to eat his vegetables at supper. This forces his father to get the President involved. The town where George lives is buzzing with the news that the President is coming to visit.

TAGS: vegetables, chapter book, President, L, Richard Avenue