messier object

2011, September 27, 6:10 pm
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being a brief review of Terra Nova

novelty cash-ins, part one

Sure, “Dawn of Correction” is pretty famous, but what about “Dawn of Instruction”?

It’s a marginally better song, but I think that’s just because it more closely plagiarizes the original–instead of that weird atonal thing the Spokesmen do in the chorus of “Correction.”  And did the Spokesmen really think the thing that made Dylan popular was a lot of stereo effects and reverb? Well, I guess it might have been.

Plus Dave White (the frowny Spokesman) looks sort of like a pudgy Vincent Kartheiser, no?

static test fire (saturn v s-ic: january 1, 1967)
2011, September 5, 1:03 pm
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Static test fire, John C. Stennis SC, January 1, 1967