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novelty cash-ins, part one

Sure, “Dawn of Correction” is pretty famous, but what about “Dawn of Instruction”?

It’s a marginally better song, but I think that’s just because it more closely plagiarizes the original–instead of that weird atonal thing the Spokesmen do in the chorus of “Correction.”  And did the Spokesmen really think the thing that made Dylan popular was a lot of stereo effects and reverb? Well, I guess it might have been.

Plus Dave White (the frowny Spokesman) looks sort of like a pudgy Vincent Kartheiser, no?

well the view is delightful/but your air is recycled

The Dexateens – “Neil Armstrong” (from Hardwire Healing, Skybucket, 2007)

This song raises some important questions – like what kind of car does Neil Armstrong drive?  It’s probably not a Volvo, if you can go by this inexplicable ad from c. 1975.

avatar, as told by my friend in one line:

“it is basically an animated Yes album cover”

i was not ready, no, no.
2009, December 25, 1:41 am
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This is I suppose a bit out of the ordinary for what this blog is supposed to be, but.

vic chesnutt, 1964-2009

Athens (GA) great Vic Chesnutt has died is comatose?.

I had a chance to see him play last month and turned it down because I was feeling under the weather.  Damn, am I going to miss his music.  The first time I heard of him was while I was super-obsessed with Christine Fellows (not that I’m still not or anything but) and I found out the haunting secret track on her 2 Little Birds was actually off Chesnutt’s Is the Actor Happy? and sought out everything I could find by him at the time.  Some great and, yeah, pretty dark stuff.  It’s really gonna be hard to get through “Flirted With You All My Life” now.

If you haven’t heard him:

the seminal West of Rome.

live at the 40 Watt Christmas Party, 2005.

on Fresh Air three weeks ago.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  Rest in final peace, guy.

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