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a coiling filament glowing within
2009, July 13, 3:45 am
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So this is an appallingly delayed response to New Curator‘s challenge & results, but it’s better than nothing, I think. I’ll admit, I came up with it in the shower today (good for the brain and all), but.

I think the response that came closest to nailing what I think is important without drifting into new age-y hem mehness or the artist is importantestness was (no twitter link) Ariel’s: “Preserve cultural heritage while encouraging us to think critically about the past and present and offering inspiration for the future.” Museums work to create not just a narrative of whatever the collections and exhibits are of but of why these were deemed most important, most worthy of survival and future recognition. Just like any sort of history work, they take the present and ossify it into something you hope the future will not just recognize but still empathize with and want to learn from – that the future will still be pretty much the same as it is now. Maybe I’ve just been watching too many crumbling-of-the-future sorts of things lately (listening to King Crimson a few days ago, which reminded me of the Battersea/Ark of the Arts segment in Children of Men – although that’s a whole separate interesting and not necessarily fictional bit of museums-as-hope-for-the-future/museums-as-hotbed-of-nationalist-tendencies mess; those museum sequences in Fallout 3; finally getting around to watching The Day After) and have started making weird assumptions about the survival of societies, but what are museums when you cut to the bottom but places where we put the past and present for people in the future to reflect on?