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normally i am not wild about TED

but still, I gotta post this:

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do i ever need to update this
2011, November 14, 8:58 am
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anyways here’s a link for now: more TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUTH magazine covers!

wonder women! rated pg
2009, December 20, 10:00 am
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Jai alai! Is there any sport more retrofuturistic?  Sure, we saw it on Mad Men, and the catch version in this classic bit of Syd Mead futurist-Americana is a nice little touch (although not enough to distract one from wondering why the ground is hovering and the lake is cut off by a concrete barrier, or what the deal is with Orange Jackie’s weird asymmetrical just-a-bit-more-conservative-than-a bikini).  But, frankly, the sign that a sport hasn’t made it is probably its appearance in a Z-grade movie (sidehacking, anyone?), which I think also signals it’s ripe for the taking – the endless Rollerball remakes (well, okay, the one Rollerball remake that felt like it went on forever), the Death Race remake with King Silas Al Swearengen Ian McShane, sidehackers in any number of post-apocalyptic road movies.  So when is it going to be jai alai’s turn?