messier object

“star trek generations is the stupidest movie ever made”

Or is it?

(but who’s that nagging voice? is that the ship’s computer?)

fun fact
2010, March 8, 1:38 am
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To take a break from Mass Effect 2 (oh man, I think the Cigarette Smoking Martin Sheen just betrayed me, maybe), a fun fact about the post-Korolev Soviet space program:

the code name given to the manned Mars mission plans? Aelita, of course.

like pixellated scraps of jazz mags in your head
2010, March 1, 8:54 am
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I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day today so far.

holy cow is it ever good.

Post about the The Crazies remake, Pontypool, PTSD, dialectical behavior therapy, The Haunting of Hill House, “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” and mental illness in horror fiction coming as soon as I have time to type it up.