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more details forthcoming!

more details forthcoming!

I’ve started pulling Manned Spaceflight Awareness poster images from ebay auctions (that seems to be the only reasonable way to see what they looked like in decent image quality if you’re not in Adelphi)–these are, I think, one of the most fascinating artifacts of the space program, since they show not only NASA’s internal self-image but are a visual representation of the importance of not just engineers, astronomers, and astronauts, but the physical limits of what’s possible for the manufacturing and assembly workers that actually realized the planned artifacts.

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2012, June 26, 9:28 am
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There can be no question that the rocket ship is the genre’s primary icon…. It is an identifier, like the cross or the hammer and sickle, with a single all-encompassing meaning, one that transcends all distinctions of class, taste, or even logic.

–Thomas M. Disch, The Dreams Our Stuff is Made of: How Science Fiction Conquered the World, 1998.

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