messier object


Flying saucer fever, it would seem, hit the USSR too:

Mystery of the Flying Discs (1960), which are (apparently) showing up hovering over Moscow. Note the similarity to the classic "I Want to Believe"/Passaic streetlamp UFO!

Unfortunately, while I own this, I can’t actually read Russian well enough to tell you what’s going on in it.

paperback club, pt. 1

Okay, so I have started picking up a lot of good paperbacks since I started working at a used bookstore.  Case in point:

Ah, the famous EPCOT-drink mixer-psychedelic explosion sequence - who could ever forget?

I mean, obviously it’s showing its wear and tear, but as a piece of art it’s pretty undeniably cool, even now.

So for a little bit I’m going to post up the best ones I’ve found at a decent enough quality and maybe offer up a few thoughts on what makes them so good or, at least, what makes them so noteworthily of their time.