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How to Draw a Dinosaur. I.
2013, June 26, 2:34 pm
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INFO: Canfield, Judy. How to Draw a Dinosaur. I. 2000

DESC: Great how-to book with easy instructions for students. They can follow along and draw their very own dinosaur!

TAGS: how-to, dinosaur, step-by-step, fun, drawing, I, Richard Avenue

When I Grow Up. I.

INFO: Cicciarelli, Joellyn. When I Grow Up. I. 2000

DESC: This book explores several career opportunities for young students.

TAGS: careers, jobs, chef, astronaut, doctor, zoologist, builder, President, I, Richard Avenue

Meet the Astronauts. I.


 INFO: Winter, Max. Meet the Astronauts. I. 2000

DESC: This book highlights many different famous astronauts, different space missions and what astronauts do. It has some great pictures.

TAGS: astronauts, space, the moon, John Glenn, I, Richard Avenue

Animal Messengers. I.

INFO: Parkes, Brenda. Animal Messengers. I. 1999.

DESC: This book talks about all of the unique ways that animals talk to each other using special calls or movements of their body. It also highlights ways in which humans communicate non-verbally

TAGS: bees, cats, deer, gorillas, peacocks, non-fiction, animals, I, communication, Richard Avenue

Terrible Armadillo, The. I.
2013, June 26, 2:26 pm
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INFO: Cowley, Joy. Terrible Armadillo, The. I. 1985

DESC: An armadillo invades a house and causes all kinds of problems for a family. The armadillo is rude and does all kinds of things it’s not supposed to.

TAGS: armadillo, shenanigans, pets, I, Richard Avenue

Luke’s Go-Cart. L.
2013, June 26, 2:24 pm
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INFO: Giles, Jenny. Luke’s Go-Cart. L. 1999.

DESC: Luke’s dad builds him his very own go-cart. When Luke wants to show it off at the school carnival, he can’t get the go-cart to start.

TAGS: go-cart, perseverance, L, Richard Avenue

George and the Whopper. L.
2013, June 26, 2:22 pm
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INFO: McTrustry, Chris. George and the Whopper. L. 2000

DESC: George refuses to eat his vegetables at supper. This forces his father to get the President involved. The town where George lives is buzzing with the news that the President is coming to visit.

TAGS: vegetables, chapter book, President, L, Richard Avenue

Fossils. L.

INFO: Cefrey, Holly. Fossils. L. 2002

DESC: This book describes how fossils are made. It also explains how scientists can lear different things by studying fossils.

TAGS: fossils, scientists, non-fiction, archaeologists, L, Richard Avenue

Cobber Dog and Old Mary. L.
2013, June 26, 2:20 pm
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INFO: Dobbie, Jenny. Cobber Dog and Old Mary. L. 2007

DESC: Cobber Dog gets tired of staying at home with Old Mary all day. He decides it is time for him to find a job. Over the course of several days, he tries out several jobs but can’t quite find to seem one that fits.

TAGS: dogs, friendship, jobs, L, Richard Avenue

in space no one can hear your stereo
2012, July 16, 3:05 pm
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“The Age of Space is here–and now, RCA Victor brings you sound in space! Stereophonic sound!”