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hello, i’m a robot!

Not only is Hello, I’m a Robot! an adorable, adorable title for an East-Bloc children’s book, the drawings themselves are excellent.  The first one, the robo-duck, and the walking foot all especially remind me of the illustrations for Stanisław Lem’s Cyberiad (supposedly, according to Amazon, by Daniel Mruz, on whom I can find no other information except that he has an entry in a comics encyclopedia somewhere) or Theo Ellsworth’s brilliant Sleeper Car.  And what’s more, it’s (it seems) supposed to be a serious book about how robots work for kids.  Poor Soviet kids, thinking robots have abacuses in their brains and terrifying metal claws to cuddle with.

the evolution of the brain, according to "hello, i'm a robot!"

(via the excellent journey round my skull)


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Did I mention how glad I am this blog is back? That illustration looks awesome and I want a copy.

Comment by Jonathan

It’s good to be back! Although I’ve gotta say I just noticed my screen is all blue and that’s weird; I hope it does not forewarn more disappearances.

Comment by jeff n.

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