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things to watch for (i hope):
2009, December 20, 12:13 pm
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  • Finally getting up the stomach to wade through the whole of Defying Gravity before it gets taken down from hulu/nv
  • Now that I have the time to watch three hours of tv simultaneously at one stretch, some more Fringe Files posts, including these three I’m in the middle of.  Ah, overextension.
  • The SF movie-of-the-year showdown between Abrams’ Trek, Moon, District 9, and I dunno Avatar if I’ve seen it by then.  I bet it won’t be Avatar though.
  • Some stuff about Planetes? and Kir Bulychev?  I dunno exactly.

Yell at me, though, if these don’t show.


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Uh, “Moon” by a long shot? The other two movies were entertaining but not really “art” cinema.

Comment by esb

Yeah, it’s “Moon.”

And I’ve been telling you to watch “Defying Gravity” for forever. Is this your way of getting back at me because you had to finish “Kings” first?

Comment by Lauren Stokes

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